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Howard the Duck movie star wants to direct an MCU version

Howard the Duck and Back To The Future movie star Lea Thompson expressed enthusiasm about bringing Howard the Duck to the MCU in a new interview

Howard the Duck

If you ever watched ‘80s movie Howard the Duck, you may, like me, still have flashbacks about the cursed film. But what you might not know is that this movie, which involved a humanoid duck and human sex scene, is actually, technically, a Marvel movie — with the character’s appearance in the Marvel series What If…? suggesting that Howard the Duck, technically, is actually part of the MCU.

So, will Howard the Duck follow in Top Gun: Maverick and Hocus Pocus 2’s footsteps and be the subject of a sequel or reboot decades after the original comedy movie was released?

Well, in an appearance on The Tonight Show, Lea Thompson, who starred in Howard the Duck, said that she’d definitely be down for it — and in fact, would even be on board to direct the film.

“I’ve been in to pitch a Howard the Duck movie with Chip Zdarsky, who did the comic book, the last run of the Howard the Duck comic book,” she said. “He put me on the cover, and so we went in, and we pitched it.” 

The ‘80s icon, who also starred in the time-travel movie franchise Back To The Future, added that her role in Howard the Duck made her “the first Marvel queen.” 

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In recent years, the former adventure movie actor has gone behind the camera, with Thompson directing episodes of various sci-fi series like Resident Alien and Stargirl. This, Thompson added, makes her perfectly primed to direct a Marvel movie or two. “Yeah, I’ve been trying to learn all my special effects, just in case Marvel calls,” she joked. “You need some more women directors!”