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Star Trek’s Kate Mulgrew endorses your Star Trek memes

Star Trek memes are endorsed by Kate Mulgrew, who played the Star Trek captain Kathryn Janeway on sci-fi series Star Trek: Voyager

Kate Mulgrew as Captain Janeway on Star Trek Voyager

We all already knew that Kate Mulgew’s Kathryn Janeway was one of the best Star Trek characters around. Now, Mulgrew herself has gone up even further in our estimations after she endorsed Star Trek memes.

Mulgrew portrayed the Captain Janeway, the commander Starfleet’s USS Voyager, on the sci-fi series Star Trek: Voyager for seven seasons. Voyager wasn’t always the greatest Star Trek series around, though it vastly improved towards the end, but Mulgrew’s Captain Janeway was always a highlight. She was one of the series’ best characters, alongside others like the EMH, Seven of Nine, and Tuvok.

Not only was Janeway one of the best characters on Voyager, but she was actually our pick for the best Star Trek captain of all time. Trust us, we’re right on this one. And, now that status has been confirmed beyond doubt, because Kate Mulgrew has revealed that she loves Star Trek memes.

Mulgrew let her love for Star Trek memes out when she replied to a Tweet from Terry Matalas, the writer for Star Trek Picard season 3. Matalas was complaining about the toxicity of Twitter saying “Why are we [on Twitter]?”. Check out Mulgrew’s response below:

So, there you have it. Kate Mulgrew uses the social media website for the memes. And, however you feel today, we’re sure that you’ll be able to relate to at least one of the moods that Mulgrew shared in meme format.

Since appearing on Voyager, Kate Mulgrew has continued to play Janeway every now and then. She appeared in a cameo role in the Star Trek movie Nemesis, and voices the character on the new Star Trek animated series Prodigy. Hopefully, she’ll continue to play the Star Trek character into the future, because more Kathryn Janeway, and more Kate Mulgew, could never be a bad thing.

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