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You can now watch Michael Myers dance to an iconic Lady Gaga track

Ever wondered what Michael Myers would look like in heels? You can now find out, by watching him dance to an iconic Lady Gaga song.

Michael Myers in Halloween Kills

Who are the most terrifying, recognisable villains in horror movie history? Freddy Krueger, The Babadook, the Xenomorph, Dracula, and plenty of others are all up there. But, it’s perhaps Michael Myers, with his blue overalls and flayed William Shatner mask who is the most creepy of all.

The character has been stalking Laurie Strode – and giving audiences the chills – throughout the endlessly increasing number of Halloween movies, kicked off by John Carpenter with his classic thriller movie. His story, and that of Laurie Strode, is expected to conclude with the upcoming Halloween Ends movie. This will be the final instalment in the rebooted Halloween series, and will most likely be the last Halloween movie, until the inevitable next one.

Now, for anyone who’s terrified of Michael Myers and his trusty kitchen knife, we’ve got good news. You can now watch the spooky villain bust a move to an iconic Lady Gaga dance anthem thanks to a Twitter post shared to social media. Check it out below:

Forget the bogeyman, Michael Myers has proved that he is the boogie-man. You have to respect the fact that Michael Myers has got some pretty funky moves, but, he does have a lot of free time so has likely had plenty of opportunity  to choreograph his dance routine. It’s also worth pointing out his choice of song, Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, which seems fitting as a kind of twisted take on his relationship with Laurie Strode.

The video is also good preparation for anyone who’s scared of Michael Myers, but still wants to watch Halloween Ends to see how the Haddonfield story ends. It’ll help you see the villain in a less intimidating, more upbeat light, and if the movie ever gets too scary, just close your eyes and picture his dance to Bad Romance.

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Halloween Ends will release on October 14 in cinemas, and will also be available on streaming service Peacock. For more spooky surprises, check out our guide to the best Netflix horror movies.