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Christian Bale explains if he’d work with Christopher Nolan again

Christian Bale has revealed whether or not he'd want to work with director Christopher Nolan again, after starring in four of his previous movies

Christian Bale in the Prestige

Christian Bale has spoken about whether or not he’d want to work with fellow Chris, Christopher Nolan, again. The have pair worked together on four of Nolan’s movies so far: The Prestige, and Nolan’s Batman movie trilogy with Bale as Bruce Wayne.

Nolan’s Batman trilogy with Bale is still regarded as one of the best, if not the best, example of what superhero movies can be, and what they can achieve. The dark action movies have had a lasting influence on the perception of superhero movies, and on the image of Batman himself.

Now, Bale has explained if he’d be open to returning to work with the director once again. Speaking to THR, the actor said “I would love to work with Chris [Nolan] again. He’s an extraordinary filmmaker, and I’ve got very good memories of working with him.”

The duo haven’t made a movie together for over a decade. However, in that time both have been very active and Bale has starred in some huge projects, while Nolan worked on head scratching science fiction movies Tenet and Interstellar, as well as the war thriller movie Dunkirk.

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Nolan’s next project will be Oppenheimer, which debuts in 2023, and Bale’s current release is the mystery movie Amsterdam. It seems like Christian Bale is one of the few actors in Hollywood to not have been cast in Nolan’s upcoming biopic drama movie, but it’s clear from his comments that he’s more than willing to work with the director once again.

After Oppenheimer, which will explore the creation of the atomic bomb by J. Robert Oppenheimer, it’s not clear what Nolan’s next project will be. Whatever it is, it’s bound to be huge in scale and ambitious (like all of Nolan’s recent movies) and hopefully, it might just have space for Christian Bale too.

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