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Oscar Isaac confirms “specific conversations” about Moon Knight return

Oscar Isaac spoken about Moon Knight season 2, saying that "pleasant" conversations have been had about his character's future in the MCU

Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant in Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac has confirmed that conversations have been held about the return of Moon Knight. Moon Knight was one of the more interesting, risky Marvel series.

Starring Isaac and Ethan Hunt, the TV series was a gritter take on the Marvel universe. It followed Isaac’s character Steven Grant, a British man with dissociative identity disorder, who comes into conflict with his other identities, including the mercenary Marc Spector. Over the course of the series, the character tried to reconcile his personal life with the actions of his other identities, which end up getting him tangled into the plans of the evil cult leader Arthur Harrow.

The series garnered a lot of fans, and Isaac’s leading performance was simultaneously sympathetic and entertaining (though, maybe work on the accent a bit Oscar). It did come in for some criticism for its fairly run-of-the-mill plot, which was seen as failing to capitalise on an otherwise unique premise with good characters. Still, the action drama series was liked enough that there is interest among fans for a Moon Knight season 2.

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Now, Isaac has spoken about the potential for more Moon Knight in the future, and a Moon Knight season 2. Speaking to ComicBook.com, Isaac said that he has been “talking about” a second season for the character. He said “There have been some specific conversations. They were pleasant. The spilling of the details is that there’s no details. We don’t know [if there will be a second season], but we’re talking about it.”

That certainly isn’t confirmation of a Moon Knight season 2, but it is a good sign for fans who want it that “pleasant” conversations have been had. Of course, there’s plenty of space for where the story could go from the end of season one – not least in learning more about the third identity Jake Lockley.

However, there’s no reason why that story would have to be told over a six-hour-ish series. The character’s story could be continued in a superhero movie, and it does seem like Marvel is laying the ground for a new team up between the more morally-grey MCU characters. This has led to speculation about a Midnight Sons project, but there’s no indication whether that would be an action movie or a series instead. Either way,  it looks like we are likely to get more Moon Knight in the future, in some form.

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