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Halloween Ends ending explained

Halloween Ends is a radical departure form the usual Halloween formula so you may have got lost in the carnage here's what happens in the end

Halloween End ending explained: Michael and Laurie's final battle

Halloween Ends ending explained. Halloween Ends is a drastic departure from the Halloween movies you’re used to. OK, that’s not exactly true. Halloween III, VI, and Rob Zombie’s Halloween sequel are probably a bit more out there, but in terms of the David Gordon Green movies, this is a weird one.

So if you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for an explanation as to what the hell happens in this horror movie. Well, don’t worry. We can explain the Halloween Ends ending to you so you can finally stop worrying whether the Boogeyman’s coming to get you.

The film opens in 2019, just one year after the events of Halloween 2018 and Kills. We’re introduced to Corey, who’s babysitting a bratty little kid called Jeremy, who enjoys teasing his babysitter about Michael Myer’s predilection for stabbing babysitters on Halloween nights. This ultimately ends with Corey locked in the attic, and when he kicks the door down to escape, Jeremy gets knocked over the bannister and falls to his death.

Essentially labelled the new Michael Myers Corey’s arrested but quickly released, not that the people of Haddonfield care. As far as they’re concerned, he’s the new Myers, and nothing he says will dissuade them. We then cut to three years later (during which Michael Myers hasn’t been seen) and catch up with Laurie and Allyson, who are living together.

The pair seem well, with Laurie recovering from her alcoholism for the sake of her granddaughter while Allyson has started working as a nurse. A chance encounter at a gas station brings Corey — who’s being picked on by some high school bullies — into the Strode’s orbit, and he bonds with Allyson over their shared trauma.

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As Allyson grows closer to Corey, however, he starts to display some rather disturbing behaviour (it’s a slasher, after all) and at a Halloween party, the pair argue. As Corey storms off, he’s attacked by the bullies again, who push him off a bridge. As Corey lies under the bridge, he’s discovered by someone who drags him into a nearby sewer drain.

Spoilers, it’s only bloody Michael Myers, and although he scares Corey, he doesn’t kill him, seeming strangely weak. As Corey escapes, he’s attacked by a homeless man, who claims to be the real Michael Myers, and Corey accidentally kills him.

Halloween End ending explained: Laurie and Corey

After making up with Allyson, Corey plans to escape Haddonfield but not before “burning the town to the ground”. Laurie, who’s become aware of Corey’s strange behaviour, tries to scare him away from Allyson, but he refuses.

Corey starts taking Michael out at night, using him to kill those who’ve wronged him or Allyson — RIP, Dr Mathis Mathis — but he dreams of doing something bigger.

Halloween End ending explained: Michael Myers

Halloween Ends ending explained

On Halloween night, Corey beats up Michael Myers and steals his mask (no, this isn’t a comedy movie). He becomes the second Shape and goes on a bloody rampage through town. His final target is Laurie, but if the real deal couldn’t kill Laurie, some supermarket’s own version of Michael Myers doesn’t stand a chance.

Laurie shoots him, but in a petty last move, Corey stabs his neck to incriminate her in his death. This briefly works when Allyson walks in on her grandmother, holding a knife. As Allyson flees, however, Laurie notices the back door is open.

Halloween End ending explained: Laurie with a gun

In the hall, Michael retrieves his mask, killing the already severely wounded Corey and tries one last time to kill Laurie. Weak as he is, Michael struggles to battle Laurie, and she eventually gets the upper hand crucifying him with butcher’s knives.

Laurie then peels off the Shape’s mask and slits his throat. In one last fit of violence, though, he lashes out and starts choking Laurie. It seems like the pair will die together, but then Allyson runs in and saves her grandmother.

Halloween End ending explained: Michael and Laurie's final battle

With Michael now dead, the pair endeavour to prove to the town that the evil haunting Haddonfield is dead. With the help of the police (who admit this isn’t normal procedure), they drive Michael’s corpse through town so all can see he is dead and take him to the town’s junkyard.

As the town watches, Michael’s body is thrown in an industrial shredder and reduced to the consistency of well-chewed cat food. And so ended the curse of Michael Myers.

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