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Jeremy Strong kept “his distance” from Brian Cox in Succession scenes

Adrien Brody has recalled his experience filming drama series Succession, and while it was smooth sailing, other actors took it all very seriously

Adrien Brody in Succession

There’s been mention that Jeremy Strong wasn’t always the easiest actor on TV series Succession. Part of his method is to go extremely deep on his characters, and that mean isolating himself from some of his colleagues. Adrien Brody, who joined the Succession cast in season 3, did confirm that it seemed like Strong didn’t want to be too close to Brian Cox.

“I thought Jeremy was a wonderful scene partner and very thoughtful,” Brody told The Hollywood Reporter. “He reached out to me prior to coming on board, and we got together. I did notice that he was keeping his distance from Brian on set, but I just thought it was all really interesting.”

In Succession, Brody plays Josh Aaronson, a shareholder in WayStar RoyCo that brings Logan (Cox) and Kendall (Strong) out on an island trip to scope out their feud. The two episodes Brody appears in are tense, as Logan and Kendall continue playing mind with one another over the fate of the family corporation.

That gave the Hollywood star a lot to work with, and he has no misgivings because the drama series‘s formula gets results. “It all went without a hitch. I just wanted there to be more. I really loved interacting with them,” he says. “So that was my experience with it. I thought it was great. You know, whatever works – and what they are doing on that show is clearly working.”

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The door seems open for Brody, and a cohort of other co-stars, to return. Succession has only gotten bigger season to season, as more investors and partners and people involved in WayStar RoyCo come out of the woodwork. We’re not sure how things can get any more tense in Succession season 4, but we’re sure creator Jesse Armstrong can find a way.

We don’t know when Succession will be back, but you can catch up with the preceding seasons on Now TV in the UK and HBO Max in the US. Have a look at our list of the best drama movies for more prime choices.