Jason Voorhees did a super awkward live TV interview in the ’80s

Comedian and talk show host Arsenio Hall bravely invited Jason Vorhees - the character, not the actor - onto his talk show in 1989

Jason Vorhees

It’s hard to believe that by 1989, the Friday the 13th franchise was already on its eighth entry – Jason Takes Manhattan. And someone thought it would be a good idea for Jason Vorhees – yes, the character Jason – to do a live talk show interview to promote the slasher movie. Arsenio Hall – best known for co-starring with Eddie Murphy in the Coming to America movies – was also a successful comedian and talk show host at the time.

Hall starts by saying; “I’ve watched all of your movies – and I’ve noticed that you’re angry. What happened? Where did it all begin? Was it a woman? Did you get cut from the hockey team in high school?” He is met with stony silence from Jason.

Hall bravely continues; “I saw the new movie, Jason Takes Manhattan. You kill sixteen people, and you’re responsible for the death of eight others. That’s less than what you usually kill in a movie. Are you getting soft? Are you losing a step?” Jason continues to maintain a silent contemplation, occasionally checking that his axe is still sharp.

Hall asks Jason if he’s ever thought about doing a musical. Hall says that he has a list of suggestions for titles of future Friday the 13th movies, which are all twists on movies released in 1987-1989 – including Jason and the Three Babies (Three Men and a Baby), Jason’s Big Top (Big Top Pee-Wee), Jason Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit), and When Jason Met Sally (When Harry Met Sally).

Arsenio Hall does a good job of keeping things going in the face of a belligerent Jason, and Jason does a good job of coping with that mask under intense studio lighting. Jason is of course one of a trio of classic 80s slasher killers, along with Michael Myers and Freddy Kreuger. Jason even took Freddy on in 2003.

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