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Star Trek Discovery season 5 trailer teases a galactic treasure hunt

Star Trek Discovery season 5 trailer revealed: The first trailer for season 5 of Star Trek Discovery unveils the galactic treasure hunt.

Sonequa Martin Green as Captain Michael Burnham in Star Trek Discovery

The first Star Trek Discovery season 5 trailer shows the crew engaged in a galaxy-spanning treasure hunt. Star Trek Discovery season 5 is the upcoming season of the Star Trek series. It will continue the adventures of Captain Michael Burnham and her crew, and their exploration of the far flung 32nd century.

Up to this point, very little information about Star Trek Discovery season 5 has been revealed. The ending of season 4 left the story pretty open-ended, so there was a galaxy of possibilities and directions in which the next season of the sci-fi series could go in.

Now, at the annual New York Comic Con event, the first trailer for Star Trek Discovery season 5 has been released. The trailer provides the first in-depth look at the new season, which began filming back in June 13 2022. Audiences can get a look at the returning crew, and some new characters too. Check it out below:

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From the small amount of dialogue in the trailer, specifically Kovich speaking to Captain Burnham, it’s possible to get a vague overview of what the Star Trek Discovery season 5 arc will be. Kovich, who is played by the horror movie master David Cronenberg, says “The greatest treasure in the known galaxy is out there. What are you waiting for?”

Of course, it’s impossible to guess what that treasure could be: whether it’s some kind of artefact, or even a living being. But, while the specifics are kept in the dark, the trailer does indicate that the next season of Star Trek Discovery will be focussed on some kind of treasure hunt, rather than stopping an impending galactic threat. That will make for a nice change of pace, whatever the treasure ends up being.

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