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Eiza Gonzalez shoots down Daredevil casting rumours

If you were hoping to see Eiza Gonzalez in the Marvel Cinematic Universe any time soon, this story may be a disappointing read for you

Eiza Gonzalez in Baby Driver

With the vast amount of content being created within the MCU, it’s not surprising that there are new casting rumours almost every day for the various projects. By the sounds of it, one person who won’t be taking on the role of an MCU character any time soon is Eiza Gonzalez, who addressed rumours linking her to the upcoming Daredevil TV series.

After the cancellation of his Netflix series, fans were delighted to hear that Daredevil would be getting a fresh new Marvel series over on the streaming service Disney Plus. Charlie Cox will reprise his role as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, but he’s going to need an Elektra.

As always, there’s been plenty of fan-casting for who could take on the role, and Gonzalez was hotly tipped to be a good fit for the part. The actor took to Twitter recently to put those rumours to bed though.

“I feel like I’m just gonna get it out of the way because, one I’m confused as for the amount of hate over this, and two I feel like it saves people energy. No I’m not cast as Elektra in Daredevil, I have already an ongoing series exclusivity contract to 3 Body Problem. You’re welcome,” Gonzalez tweeted.

Now, we know that anyone who does get involved with the Marvel machine has to be very good at lying about it, but this sounds pretty conclusive to us.

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