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Halloween Ends will be “the last time” Jamie Lee Curtis plays Laurie

Jamie Lee Curtis has portrayed the character Laurie Strode a number of times in the Halloween movies, but Halloween Ends could be the last

It can be said that Jamie Lee Curtis has a strong connection to Laurie Strode — not only did she originate the iconic horror movie character in 1978 movie Halloween, but she also went on to play the character a further six times: most recently in 2018 reboot Halloween, then Halloween Kills, and the upcoming Halloween Ends.

But given that the slasher movie states this is the ‘End’ of the Halloween franchise, it may not surprise people to know that, for Jamie Lee Curtis, this film also marks the ‘end’ of her portraying Laurie Strode.

However, whether or not this will lead to the end of the character is another question, given that Scout Taylor-Compton has also played Laurie Strode is previous Halloween movies.

“I need to now cut her loose and let her live in the minds and hearts of the fans that have supported her,” Curtis said in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. “I now get to go off and do my own thing.”

But should we believe her? According to David Gordon Green, who is the director of Halloween Ends as well as Halloween Kills and the 2018 reboot, we should.

“After the first one, we decided to do two more,” he explained in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.”Her character’s traveled through my whole life, and then at a point I just became the shepherd, so it was fun to inherit that character, take her on the journey I wanted to go on with her, and then saying goodbye to her. I do feel confident that we are saying goodbye to Jamie playing Laurie in the universe.”

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“At some point someone will maybe bring a new Laurie into something, some twist will happen, and the mythology will continue, but I do feel like this is the last time we’re going to see her nervous smile and those fun enlightening attributes of Laurie Strode.”

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