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Black Adam post credit and ending explained

With the new Dwayne Johnson movie hitting our screens, it's time to dive into our Black Adam post credit and ending explained guide

Black Adam ending explained: Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

What happens in the Black Adam post credit and ending? The Black Adam release date is finally here and many fans will be wondering whether the hierarchy of power in the DCEU has truly changed forever. We’ve got the answers to that and much more in our guide to the ending of the new superhero movie.

Our Black Adam review highlights all the strengths and weaknesses of the new Dwayne Johnson movie, but we’re sure there’s plenty of you out there that don’t just want to know how good a film is, you want to understand every aspect possible.

So, what goes down in the Black Adam post credit and ending? How does Black Adam prevail, if he does at all? And what does this DC movie mean for the future of the comic book movie universe.

What happens in the Black Adam ending?

To put it simply, Black Adam isn’t the only ancient super-being who is awoken from a long slumber, as the demon Sabbac is brought to life to wreak havoc on Kahndaq and the world. Luckily, Black Adam joins forces with Hawkman and Doctor Fate to bring him down, but it’s not an easy fight.

Let’s rewind a little, shall we? It’s revealed that Ishmael, who we thought was a friend of Adrianna’s, is actually the descendent of the evil King Anh-Kot. Ishmael wants the crown of Sabbac, so that he can evoke the spirit of the sinister demon and be the vessel for his awakening.

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When Ishmael is killed by Black Adam, he fulfils the prophecy transcribed on the crown of Sabbac, which says “Death is the only true path to life.” Ishmael comes back from the dead in the form of Sabbac, a horned demon who can breathe fire and fly – scary stuff!

Black Adam meanwhile has agreed to surrender his powers and be locked away in Task Force X’s secret lair. So, as Sabbac terrorises the people of Kahndaq, it’s up to the Justice Society to bring him down. Seeing the future, Doctor Fate knows that Hawkman will perish if he takes on Sabbac, so Fate decides to step in instead, and sacrifices himself for the cause. But not before he helps Black Adam break free from his submerged state.

Now, Hawkman and Black Adam, who had clashed so much throughout the film, are able to come together against the common enemy. Hawkman uses the powers of Doctor Fate to clone himself and disorientate Sabbac, while Black Adam uses his incredible strength and magic to literally rip the demon in half – happy days!

Hawkman and Sabbac in Black Adam

What happens in the Black Adam post credit scene?

You’ve heard the rumours and they’re all true, the Black Adam post credit scene does indeed feature Henry Cavill’s Superman!

When Amanda Waller (you remember her from the Suicide Squad movies) warns Black Adam to stay in Kahndaq and leave the world alone, he refuses and tells her no one on Earth can make him do anything. Waller then explains she has friends from other planets who can cause him problems, and Adam tells her to “send them all.”

Henry Cavill as Superman in Batman v Superman

She obliges, and in a flash, the Man of Steel arrives, with Cavill stepping out of the shadow and fog for a glorious return to the DCEU. Superman tells Black Adam, “It’s been a while since anyone made the people of this planet so nervous,” and explains the two of them should talk.

Sadly, we don’t see them “talk”, which we all know is code for fight. But, with a Black Adam 2 highly likely and a new Superman movie in the pipeline, we should get to see the two most powerful beings on Planet Earth face off soon enough. Until then, why not check out our guides to the Aquaman 2 release date and the Joker 2 release date for more DC movie sequels.