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Dwayne Johnson celebrates 20 year career with poignant video

Dwayne Johnson has had a stellar acting career, and isn't afraid to thank all his fans who have made his Hollywood dreams possible

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

Over the years, Dwayne Johnson has become the go-to actor for big action movies and franchises. Having starred in major films such as the Fast and Furious movies, and the upcoming DC movie Black Adam, the star has been pretty much unstoppable since his Hollywood debut in the 2001 adventure movie, The Mummy Returns.

However, despite all his big success, Johnson has never forgotten where he first came from. Originally making his name as the wrestler The Rock, Johnson transitioned through the WWE to the silver screen in the 2000s. The career jump wasn’t easy, as the actor didn’t fit Hollywood’s classic image. However, Johnson managed to thrive and has now taken to social media to share a heart-warming message to all of his supporters who have been there since the beginning.

While out on a recent business meeting, the venue where the actor was staying, The Hotel Belair, decided to surprise the star with a mosaic picture that included every notable feature that Johnson has starred in over the course of his 20-plus career. Taking to Instagram, the actor posted a video to followers where he thanked the hotel as well as his fans, who helped him reach his current level of top stardom.

“I had never seen my movies laid out like this, and it was a reminder for me to say thank you to you guys around the world, you, and your families,” Johnson said. “Thank you for the love, the support, the trust that I could deliver my passions.”

The star then went on to open up about the tough start to his acting career, which was filled with people doubting his authentic approach and trying to hide his background in pro wrestling.

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“When I first got to Hollywood 20 years ago, I worked my ass off to get here, and they told me ‘, look, you can’t call yourself The Rock, don’t go to the gym, don’t talk about pro-wrestling. Be like George Clooney, be like Will Smith’,” he explained.

“And I said ‘No, I’m not going to be like those guys. I’ve got to be myself. And if I fail at my Hollywood career, then at least I have failed knowing I was me.’ And now, years later, I see this, all because of you guys, I thank you, and I love you.”

Obviously, Johnson sticking to his guns to be himself has worked out in his favour. Johnson has starred in TV series, Disney movies, hit animated movies, and more. Fans can next see the actor as the titular God in the superhero movie Black Adam which is set to hit theatres on October 21, 2022.