Adam Driver reportedly met with Marvel for Fantastic Four role

Adam Driver who made his name in the Star Wars movies may be about to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Mister Fantastic in the Fantastic Four

Adam Driver in Star Wars

Nerds rejoice because Adam Driver, one of the most talented actors currently working in Hollywood, may be about to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yes, not content with being the best thing in the more recent Star Wars movies, Driver’s been linked with one of the most eagerly awaited Marvel movies ever, The Fantastic Four.

According to the Hot Mic Podcast (via Disinsider), Driver met with executives from Marvel Studios during the summer to talk about playing Reed Richards, aka Mister Fantastic, the leader of the team in the superhero movies. There are also rumours that he’s been linked with Marvel villain Doctor Doom, but that’s probably a bit too close to the Star Wars character Kylo Ren for an actor like Driver.

Take all this with a pinch of salt, of course. Driver would hardly be the first high-profile actor linked with the upcoming action movie. Scoopers have been claiming for years now that John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, and a whole host of big names are set to appear in the Fantastic Four, and none of these reports have been verified.

Well, almost none of them. Krasinski did play Mister Fantastic in a Doctor Strange 2 cameo, but that was most likely a treat for fans and not official casting.

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The only confirmed details we have about the upcoming film are that Matt Shakman, who produced and directed the Marvel series WandaVision, will be helming the film, while Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer are working on a script.

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