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Tom Hanks ruined our childhood with this Toy Story merchandise secret

Tom Hanks revealed a secret about Woody in the Toy Story videogames, merchandise and other spin-offs that will alter how you feel about them

Woody in Toy Story

The Toy Story franchise has now spanned such a long time, from 1995 all the way up to 2022’s Lightyear, that it’s both a nostalgic part of our own childhoods and become part of the lives of the children of now-adult fans of the original. As well as the movies, there have been several spin-off specials, videogames, and of course a whole host of toys.

When Tom Hanks was on The Graham Norton Show in 2011, he revealed that he doesn’t have the time to provide the voice for every version of Woody that is required. So, who is providing the voice for the videogames and toys, and how do they manage to sound so much like Hanks?

It’s because it’s his brother, Jim. “There are so many computer games, and video things, that Jim works on those all year long. They said; ‘you don’t wanna do this?’ And I said; ‘no, get my brother Jim, he’ll do it.'” Hanks also gave some insight into voicing Woody for the four Toy Story movies. “In the [recording] booth, there are these heads that look like judges at the Olympics.”

Hanks continued; “And you have to do eighteen variations of: ‘Buzz if we don’t get back there, I’m going to go absolutely berserk!’ You do it every kind of way you possibly can, until your diaphragm is busted, your throat is raw, and you’ve spit everywhere for four hours.”

It sounds as though being a voice actor isn’t as easy as it seems. So, while many were shocked that Tim Allen was replaced by Chris Evans in Lightyear, they’re probably not aware that they’ve been listening to Jim Hanks instead of Tom Hanks for years in the spin-offs and merchandise!

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