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Samuel L. Jackson improvised Spider-Man: Far From Home’s funniest line

Samuel L. Jackson hasn't had a free reign within the MCU to swear as much as we're used to hearing from him, but he did manage to call Spider-Man a b-word

Samuel L Jackson in Far From Home

Given how meticulously planned the MCU has to be – years in advance – you would think that there is little room left for improvisation. However, if there’s one man who is going to bring some mother-loving improv to the MCU, it’s gotta be Samuel L. Jackson. Known for being the premiere swearer of our times, Jackson hasn’t had quite the bleepin’ free reign in the MCU that he deserves, but he’s still managed to slip one or two curses past the censors.

2019’s Spider-Man: Far From Home is one of the funnier MCU entries, largely thanks to a totally unhinged performance from Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio. But he’s not the only one who got to let loose on set, as Jackson did manage to get a few funny zingers in.

One of the funniest lines comes when Nick Fury chastises Spider-Man over his fear of facing elemental villains. When Peter Parker tries to downplay his heroics as Spider-Man, Nick Fury tells him, “Bitch, you went to space!” Hearing lil Peter Parker being called a “bitch” within the context of the MCU is somewhat surprising, as most people view the movies as clean cut and wholesome affairs.

Was the B-word in the script? “Probably not,” Jackson admitted to ComicBook.com in 2019. Jake Gyllenhaal worked closely with Jackson in several scenes during Spider-Man: Far From Home, including the line in which he insists Spider-Man do his job. “It was improvised,” Gyllenhaal confirmed. “I’m here to attest. That was improvised.”

Another notable time that Jackson got to bring his own persona to the MCU was when Nick Fury was snapped. He managed to let out a “motherf….” before being crumbled to dust and dispersing on the nearest breeze.

Jackson’s Nick Fury will soon be seen in his own Disney Plus TV series Secret Invasion, alongside Ben Mendelsohn, which focuses on the threat of the Skrulls.

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