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Jamie Lee Curtis comments on the Halloween trauma meme

Jamie Lee Curtis addressed the now-viral "trauma" meme during an appearance at New York Comic Con, where she was promoting Halloween Ends

Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween 2018

Poor Laurie Strode. Even after 4o years, she still can’t seem to shake Michael Myers and his murderous ways. Jamie Lee Curtis, who is also known for her role in Disney movie Freaky Friday, became a horror movie icon after originating the role of Laurie Strode in 1978 movie Halloween.

After escaping a bloody death at the hands of Michael Myers all those years ago, she came face-to-face with the killer once again in the 2018 sequel/reboot. And even then, she didn’t quite manage to put a stop to him, leading to their final face-to-face battle in the upcoming thriller movie Halloween Ends.

Given that Laurie keeps managing to run into the guy who, you know, tried to kill her, Curtis noted that her character went through a lot of trauma.

Unfortunately, Curtis’ unique pronunciation of the word ended up becoming a meme during the promotion of the 2018 reboot, with a supercut of her saying the word “trauma” going viral across social media.

But during a recent discussion about thriller movie Halloween Ends at New York Comic-Con, Curtis made it clear she was acutely aware of the meme. “Laurie Strode, at 17, survived that night,” she said during the event. “And at that moment, nobody said a word. There was no therapy. There was no hope.” 

She also said that the 2o18 movie “was this incredibly beautiful film about Laurie and her trauma. And I’ve seen the fucking meme so don’t worry! It was funny, but the movie also made a fucking fortune – so fuck you!”

Time will tell if Halloween Ends has the same success when it opens on October 14. Check out our list of vampire movies for other terrors.