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Halloween Ends: does Michael Myers finally die?

The Halloween movies have always portrayed Michael Myers as strangely difficult to kill but does he finally die in Halloween Ends?

Michael Myers in Halloween Ends

Does Michael Myers die in Halloween Ends? The Halloween movies have always portrayed Michael Myers as strangely difficult to kill. In the first film in the series, Doctor Loomis shoots him six times from point-blank range, only for the killer to get up and somehow walk away.

This was taken to the next level in David Gordon Green’s trilogy, where Michael could take an absurd amount of punishment. Most notably, in the horror movie Halloween Kills, where he’s beaten, stabbed, and shot by the residents of Haddonfield. But does that slow down Michael? Barely.

In fact, Michael’s so difficult to kill that Laurie becomes convinced he is actually indestructible. But Halloween Ends is being marketed as the final chapter in the horror series (or the rebooted films, at least), so does evil finally die tonight? Does Michael Myers die in Halloween Ends? Warning spoilers ahead!

Does Michael Myers die in Halloween Ends?

Yes. After decades of terrorising the Strodes and traumatising Laurie, Michael Myers dies in Halloween Ends, proving once and for all that he was always just a man.

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How does Michael Myers die?

Laurie and her grandaughter Allyson kill Michael Myers. In the film’s final act, Laurie is once again attacked by Michael, but she manages to get the upper hand pinning the serial killer to her kitchen counter with butcher’s knives.

As Michael lies there wounded, Laurie pulls over her refrigerator, which traps his legs and prevents him from escaping. She then takes a knife, peels off his mask, and slits the monster’s throat. Just as she thinks he’s finished, Michael grabs Laurie by the neck and starts choking her.

When all seems lost, Allyson runs in and grabs Michael’s arm smashing it against the counter and breaking it. With the killer now utterly defeated, Laurie takes a knife and cuts open his wrists. As Michael bleeds out, the police arrive, and they decide to break the law and show the residents of Haddonfield that the Shape is dead.

Michael Myers in Halloween Ends

Strapping Michael’s corpse to the roof of a car, they drive it to the dump, and the whole town watches as his body is thrown into a grinder. As Michael’s corpse is ripped apart and pulverised, the town watches, knowing it is finally over.

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