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Never Have I Ever season 3 release date, cast, and more

The Never Have I Ever season 3 release date is just around the corner, and here's everything else you need to know about the Netflix series

Never Have I Ever season 3 release date speculation: Maitreyi Ramakrishnan in Never Have I Ever

What is the Never Have I Ever season 3 release date? Coming-of-age TV series Never Have I Ever is what happens when Jane the Virgin is mixed with the teenage trials and tribulations from shows like Sex Education. With its quirky narrative style, endearing cast, and central love triangle, it is no wonder that the dramedy, which centres on first-generation Indian immigrant Devi, has risen the ranks to become one of the most popular Netflix series.

As well as dealing with the usual themes of high school, fitting in, crushes, and dating, Never Have I Ever brings grief and desi family dynamics to the mainstream, as Devi and her family learn to cope with the recent death of her father and the family patriarch Mohan. The good, the bad, and painfully awkward moments of Devi’s life are all narrated by acclaimed tennis player John McEnroe, and in its two-season run, has also dealt with themes like coming out as LGBTQ+, disability, and the dynamics of arranged marriages.

At the helm of the show is Mindy Kaling, who previously produced semi-autobiographical sitcom The Mindy Project, and Lang Fisher, who worked with Kaling on The Mindy Project, and was also a co-executive producer of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The Never Have I Ever season 3 release date has been and gone, but if you’re still lost about what to expect, we have gathered all you need to know about its release, trailer, cast, and plot.

Never Have I Ever season 3 release date

It was announced in March 2022 that Never Have I Ever was coming back not just for a season 3… but a season 4!

In a statement shared to Twitter, Kaling wrote, “Hey crickets! We’ve got some morning announcements for you: season 3 of Never Have I Ever is gonna drop this summer! Plus, we’ve just been renewed for a fourth and final season, which we are absolutely thrilled about. We can’t wait to reveal all the steamy romance and hilarious adventures we have in store for you. Thanks to all our fans for your support – especially you Bevi and Daxton stans. We love you!”

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This was followed up with an official announcement by the official Never Have I Ever Twitter in May 2022, where it was revealed that season 3 would drop on August 12, 2022. So, if you’re reading this now, the wait is over!

Never Have I Ever season 3 release date speculation: Maitreyi Ramakrishnan in Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever season 3 plot

The final episode of Never Have I Ever season 2 culminated with the explosion of the love triangle between Devi, hot jock Paxton and nerd rival-turned-lover Ben. So, expect that to play a huge part in the Never Have I Ever season 3 plot.

Although Devi tried to juggle both of them, it ultimately blew up in her face. We see Paxton show up at the school dance, wanting one last chance with Devi, and the two decide to go public with their relationship for the first time, while Ben, who recently started a romance with new girl Aneesa, looks on.

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But wait! Eleanor tells Ben that all is not lost with Devi, revealing that she still had feelings for him, so it remains to be seen whether Ben will take Devi’s reconciliation with Paxton lying down or try and convince her to give their romance another try — with his own girlfriend, of course, serving to complicate matters further.

And then we have Devi herself: how will she navigate her new relationship? Co-creator Kaling made it clear in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that she doesn’t want or expect things to be plain sailing for the series’ protagonist, because where is the fun in that?

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“I’ve watched enough romantic comedies that it’s not interesting unless it’s constantly shifting and changing,” she said. “Having the lead character be happy in love is not super interesting to me. It’s more suspenseful when we don’t know.”

Never have i ever season 3 release date: Maitreyi Ramakrishnan and Richa Moorjani in Never Have I Ever


Rest assured that the majority of our favourite cast and characters returned for season 3, including Maitreyi Ramakrishnan (Devi), Darren Barnet (Paxton), Jaren Lewison (Ben), Ramona Young (Eleanor), Lee Rodriguez (Fabiola), Megan Suri (Aneesa), Poorna Jagannathan (Nalini), Richa Moorjani (Kamala), Ranjita Chakravarty (Nirmala), Rushi Kota (Prashant), and Christina Kartchner (Eve).

John McEnroe also returned as Devi’s narrator , while Sendhil Ramamurthy, who plays Devi’s dad Mohan, continued to appear in flashbacks and dream sequences as he has done the past two seasons, despite being dead prior to the events of season 1.

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There were other new characters introduced in season 3, such as Anriduh Pisharody who played recurring character Des, a private school student who is smart like Devi.

How many episodes will Never Have I Ever season 3 have?

According to Glamour, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, who plays Devi, previously revealed that the show will have a grand total of 40 episodes, season 4 included. Given that Season 1 and 2 have been released in ten-episode blocks, it is likely they will do the same for season 3: spreading out the episodes equally over the final two seasons.

Never Have I Ever season 3 release date: The cast of Never Have I Ever

Where can I watch Never Have I Ever season 3?

Because Never Have I Ever is an exclusive Netflix series, you can expect season 3 to be available on the streaming service alone, as with season 1 and 2 before it.

The cost of a Netflix subscription ranges from £6.99 ($8.99) to £15.99 ($17.99), so despite the recent price hike, there are numerous options available to see what Netflix subscription is the best fit for you on your budget.

All three seasons of Never Have I Ever are available to stream now on Netflix.