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Is Shazam in Black Adam?

Dwayne Johnson's long-gestating DC movie is finally here, and fans want to is the anti-hero's magical nemesis the hero Shazam in Black Adam?

Is Shazam in Black Adam?

Is Shazam in Black Adam? Dwayne Johnson’s long-gestating DC movie Black Adam is finally here, bringing a host of new heroes to the DCEU. The Justice Society, whose membership includes Doctor Fate, Atom Smasher, Hawkman, and Cyclone, all appear in the action movie along with a few other familiar faces.

The big question fans have, however, is Shazam in Black Adam? It makes sense, the pair are arch-enemies in the comics and share the same power source, but does Billy Batson have a cheeky cameo?

Is Shazam in Black Adam?

No, Shazam is not in Black Adam. So if you wanted to see the pair go toe-to-toe, you’re out of luck, or at least you are this time. Johnson has been very candid about Shazam and Black Adam meeting in a hypothetical superhero movie.

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“I said, we can’t do it like this,” We have to respect Shazam and his origin story,” he said in an interview with Ajep Art. “That has to be its own movie. Respect Black Adam. It has to be its own movie. Build up, and then we can do the crossovers; they’re going to happen.”

So it sounds like if you want to see the two magic heroes duke it out, you’ll have to wait for Black Adam 2 or maybe even Shazam 3. If you love the cape and cowl crowd, check out our guide to ranking the Marvel movies.