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Mila Kunis asked Family Guy writers to give Meg a makeover

Mila Kunis has been speaking about her role as Meg Griffin in Family Guy recently, and recalled a time she asked for her character to get a makeover

Meg Griffin in Family Guy

Mila Kunis is probably better known for showing her face on screen in various comedy movies and ‘90s TV shows, but she is also the voice of Family Guy character Meg Griffin. The actor has been speaking about the role recently, and revealed she did ask for her cartoon character to get a makeover once.

The animated series follows the Griffin family, and unfortunately, poor Meg is usually the butt of the jokes from pretty much everyone in Quahog. There’s a particular episode of the comedy series where Meg gets a glamorous makeover though, and suddenly people start to like her.

Turns out, this happened after a request from Kunis herself, as she explained to Vanity Fair.

“I only ever once asked for Meg to get a makeover. It was like years into the show and I was like, ‘Just give her something. Like get the condom hat off of her head, give her a hairdo.’ And then I think they gave her blonde hair and I was like ‘Thank God, finally,'” Kunis said.

The makeover sadly lasted just one episode of the TV series for Meg, and the onslaught of abuse continued thereafter. Still, at least she got a brief moment of happiness and a reprieve from her father’s insults.

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