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Rings of Power: why did King Durin refuse to give the Elves Mithril?

Rings of Power: The light of the Valar is fading and the elves go with it so why won't King Durin give them the Mithril they need to save themselves?

Rings of Power: why did Durin refuse to give the elves Mithril?

Why did King Durin refuse to give the Elves Mithril? The fantasy series Rings of Power is exploring the Second Age of Middle-earth, a time we know very little about, and the show’s slowly been illuminating the unknown histories of Elves, Dwarves, and Man.

One of the more fascinating stories involves the Elves, Dwarves, and the discovery of Mithril. It transpires that the Elves, most likely due to some great evil, have been slowly losing their light. This will doom their race to fade into nothingness if they do not take the trip to the undying lands.

Desperate to save his race, Gil-Galad sends Elrond to his old friend Prince Durin after hearing rumours that the Dwarves have found Mithril. This powerful metal supposedly contains the light of the lost Silmaril and may save the Elves from destruction. Or at least it could if King Durin would let them have it, so why did King Durin refuse to give the Elves Mithril?

Why did King Durin refuse to give the Elves Mithril?

Despite Elrond and the Elves making a very generous offer to King Durin, he chose not to give them the Mithril. The King told his son that he believed it was simply the Elves’ time and that nothing should live forever.

When pressed on the matter by his son Prince Durin the King claimed the fate of the elves was decided centuries ago by minds far deeper than their own. Basically, Durin believes Eru Iluvitar and his Valar planned this fate for the elves, and he doesn’t think the Dwarves have the right to interfere.

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What will the Elves do now?

Although Durin is initially unwilling to disobey his father, a stern talking from Disa and witnessing the restorative powers of Mithril convince him he needs to help his friend regardless of what the old king might think.

This ultimately led to the elves using Mithril to forge the Three Rings under the guidance of some guy called Halbrand, who may or may not have a sinister reason for giving out magic rings.

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