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Kevin Feige was almost played by a puppy in She-Hulk finale

Marvel movie overlord Kevin Feige showed up in the She-Hulk finale as a robot, but he was almost played by a fluffy puppy in a throne.

Tatiana Maslany as She-Hulk

The She-Hulk finale almost saw Kevin Feige played by a puppy. By now, you’ve probably watched, or at least heard about the She-Hulk finale. It was one of the boldest things to happen within the MCU since Avengers: Infinity War.

Throughout the legal comedy series, Jen would break the fourth wall to talk to the audience about what was going on, poking fun at the series itself and pre-empting online criticism. The finale of the Marvel series took this to a whole new level. It saw Tatiana Maslany’s Jen break the fourth wall in a whole new way, stepping out of the show entirely (and into streaming service Disney Plus itself) in order to rewrite the ending of her story. Amid all this, the character ended up having a conversation with the MCU real-life overlord Kevin Feige – sort of.

Feige is the president of Marvel studios, and has worked as a producer on the MCU movies and series. He is credited with the success of the franchise, thanks to his long-term vision and overarching plan.

In the She-Hulk finale, he was represented as a robotic machine that was designed to create perfect TV series and superhero movies. For Jen, he was exactly the person she needed to speak to. Her ending was eventually changed to something more suited to her, and it was a pretty happy ending, all in all.

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Now, though, She Hulk’s creator Jessica Gao has revealed that the Kevin Feige was almost represented as something other than a robot. In fact, one of her original ideas was to have him played by a puppy. Yep, we’re pretty surprised to.

Speaking to EW, Gao said that her crazy idea went as follows “She-Hulk goes through all the security, she gets into Kevin’s office, and then there’s a throne with a pillow and a little puppy on the pillow, and that puppy is Kevin!”

She then continued, revealing why the idea didn’t come to fruition. She said “And then the [writers’] room revolted against me. This writer Zeb Wells started screaming at me, ‘What are we talking about here? Kevin is a puppy?!’ And that was when I knew I went too far, so then I said, ‘Okay, we’ll just go back to the last pitch I made, the last one everybody liked.’ And so Kevin is a robot.”

To be honest, the puppy idea actually sounds completely amazing. The finale was already going in a pretty bizarre direction, and this would have fit right in, by the sounds of it. We’re not quite sure how it would have worked, but when did that ever stop She-Hulk?

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