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She-Hulk ending and post-credit scene explained

If you're wondering how everything went down in She-Hulk episode 9, you've come to the right place: here is the She-Hulk ending explained

Tatiana Maslany as She-Hulk in She-Hulk

What’s up with the She-Hulk ending? It’s safe to say that the She-Hulk season 1 finale goes completely off the rails, not only do we learn the identity of the Hulk King, the leader of the Intelligencia and the TV series‘ big bad, but also we get cameos, fourth-wall-breaking, double-crossing, and even a little bit of setting up for  Marvel’s Phase 5.

Throughout the nine episodes of the Marvel series, Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslaney) has been adamant that despite appearances from the likes of Hulk, Daredevil, and Wong, She-Hulk is firmly a “lawyer show.”

And while that is true, to an extent, that doesn’t stop a hell of a lot of Marvel movie-like madness breaking free in the final episode of the comedy series — especially after everything that happened in episode 8. Needless to say, as we try to break down the She-Hulk ending, expect some heavy spoilers, so click away if you still haven’t had a chance to see Jen in action!

She-Hulk ending explained: What happens at the end?

After Pug goes undercover at an anti-She-Hulk incel event (he sells it by saying, “Females, am I right?”), we find out that Todd is not only behind the Intelligencia website but is also Hulk King, and the one who hired Josh to steal Jen’s blood.

He uses the blood to transform himself into a true Hulk King, and from there, things really go bonkers. Titania and Bruce both seemingly drop from the sky, and Bruce, in Hulk form, squares up to Emil (who’s been transforming into Abomination this whole time, by the way). Basically, the whole thing just becoming a big, Hulk-on-Hulk-on-Hulk pile-on.

She-Hulk ending explained: Todd

At this point, Jen has had enough, and she once again breaks the fourth wall. She climbs out of the Disney Plus homepage, heads to the She-Hulk writer’s room, and calls out the writers on how stupid the action movie-esque finale is.

In reference to our own Kevin Feige, a writer insists that “this is the story Kevin wants,” leading to Jen demanding that she gets to talk to Kevin directly. We then get to meet Kevin — or, rather, K.E.V.I.N, the Knowledge Enhanced Visual Interconnectivity Nexus robot that’s calling all the shots in the MCU.

After arguing with K.E.V.I.N (whose lights mimic Feige’s infamous baseball cap) that this isn’t the kind of finale she wants for She-Hulk, she demands a few changes: namely, that Bruce’s return to this episode is more low-key, and that Todd doesn’t get Hulk powers because “the powers aren’t the villain, he is.”

She-Hulk ending explained: Daredevil

Sick and tired of the whole superhero movie spectacle, when asked by K.E.V.I.N what she wants from her own finale, Jen also says that she wants Daredevil to show up because she likes him.  Now she’s set the record straight, Jen returns to her own drama series.

Todd is arrested, Emil returns to prison for another decade for violating his parole, and Daredevil conveniently drops from the sky, congratulating Jen on what happened before accompanying her to a family barbecue as Matt Murdock, where Hulk’s son is introduced to everyone by Bruce.

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She-Hulk ending explained: What happens in the post-credit scene?

Of course, Jen couldn’t eliminate every single Marvel trope, as the finale also has a post-credit scene. And it’s a great one too, as Wongers shows up to break Emil out of prison and portals him over to Kamar-Taj, which is presumably restored after the events of Doctor Strange 2.

Remarking that Wong “took his time,” Emil guessed that Wong got “sucked into another show,” to which he responds, “we’re really living in an era of peak TV.” Whether this is a reference to future Wong and Emil cameos remains to be seen, or he’s just been busy with The Sopranos, but it looks like we can definitely expect Wong and Abomination to show up in some form again.

All episodes of She-Hulk are available to watch on the streaming service Disney Plus.