Doctor Strange director shares picks for alternative Halloween movies

The director of Doctor Strange, The Black Phone, and Sinister, has shared his picks for the best alternative Halloween movies to watch this year

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness DVD release date - an image shows Doctor Strange looking concerned at something out of the darkness.

The director of Doctor Strange has shared his picks for the best horror movies to watch this Halloween. Scott Derrickson is one of the masters of modern horror. Whether its tense jump scares, gore, or more psychological horror Derrickson has got you covered.

His filmography has spanned from twisted adventures with the cenobites in the Hellraiser series, to modern horror staples Sinister and Sinister 2. Most recently, Derrickson released The Black Phone, a horror thriller movie which starred Ethan Hawke in the leading role.

However, the director’s career hasn’t been limited to horror exclusively. In fact, Derrickson has also dabbled with superhero movies, and he was the director behind 2016’s mind-bending action movie Doctor Strange. The director was also set to work on Doctor Strange 2 (helping to explain the horror-led direction the movie went in), before departing due to creative difference and being replaced by Spider-Man movie legend Sam Raimi.

Now, Derrickson has taken to Twitter shared his picks for the best alternative Halloween movies to watch this year. The list is comprised of movies that aren’t necessarily horror classics, but it’s certainly worth checking out for a bit of inspiration.

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In his posts prefacing his list, Derrickson said “For alternative Halloween season horror movies, I recommend these 5 outstanding, critically acclaimed foreign language gems”. He then listed: I Saw the Devil (2010), Under the Shadow (2016), Veronica (2018), Thesis (1996), and Pulse (2001).

Derrickson’s choices are certainly lesser known, making them perfect for horror aficionados who are looking for new chills and thrills. It’s also great to see Derrickson supporting and recommending foreign language movies, because it draws attention to them and shows that there’s a whole other world of unexplored movies to watch for people who might feel like they’ve already seen all the classics.

So, if you’re in the mood to carve some pumpkins and want something to watch you’ve now got plenty of options. For even more alternatives, check out our guide to the best Netflix horror movies.