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Paul Dano defends making new Batman movies every decade

There seems to be a new Batman movie being made every time we check, but Paul Dano says you can never have too much of a good thing

Paul Dano as the Riddler in The Batman

We know how to the DCEU works by now, right? Plan a load of superhero movies, cancel a few along the way, and make sure there’s lots of Batman in the pipeline to keep everyone happy. Well, according to Paul Dano we should keep the Batman movies coming.

Dano took on the role of Batman villain The Riddler for the latest trip to Gotham in the DC movie The Batman earlier in 2022 and brought a delightfully dark twist to the character. One thing’s for sure, he was a very different Riddler to the Jim Carrey version from the ‘90s movie Batman Forever.

Historically we get a new take on Batman more often than most superheroes but according to Paul Dano in an interview with GQ, that’s a good thing.

“I also think that’s why – why would we keep making these, right? It’s to reinterpret. And it’s to reinterpret for the times as well, to keep investigating a character in a world,” Dano said.

“So, I think for people like Matt and Tim Burton and Chris Nolan, and then whoever’s gonna carry it next, I think it’s gotta be an artist with a point of view who’s taking that character and that city for the time that we’re in,” he added.

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We already know that Batman actor Robert Pattinson is pretty much nailed on to return for The Batman 2, but it’s not clear yet which foes he will face. Even Dano himself doesn’t know if he’s coming back to Gotham any time soon.

With Matt Reeves at the helm making gritty superhero detective movies, we’re all in for as many stories as possible to be honest. For more from the DC world, check out our guide to the Black Adam 2 release date.