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DCEU movies we want to see now James Gunn is in control

James Gunn is the new head honcho in charge of the DCEU so we got to thinking about the kind of DC movies we want to see greenlit during his tenure

DCEU movies we want to see: Mister Miracle

So, James Gunn is now the top dog when it comes to the DC movie universe. The filmmaker may have cut his teeth in the superhero movie game working for the MCU, but fate works in mysterious ways and he’s now got the best of both worlds. It’s an exciting time for fans of the franchise, and we have lots of ideas for what may come of this new hierarchy of power.

Gunn already managed to make two of the best Marvel movies by turning a bunch of little-known comic book heroes into some of the most popular MCU characters around with the Guardians of the Galaxy. He also redeemed the reputation of the Suicide Squad and made a pretty great TV series about Peacemaker, displaying his aptitude for violence and humour at the same time.

The work Gunn has done already got us thinking about what kind of films we want to see from his reign at DC in the coming years, so here’s five DCEU movies we need greenlighting immediately.

Static Shock

Static, also known as Virgil Hawkins, is a young hero similar to Spider-Man. Gaining superpowers at the age of 15, Virgil has all the usual tangles of teenage life to contend with, as well as the fact he can now manipulate electricity.

He may have had his own animated series back in the 2000s, but that show was ultimately cancelled due to low returns on merchandise. We imagine that wouldn’t be a problem now though, with the success of Black Panther and the popularity of Miles Morales as a character since the animated movie Into the Spider-verse proving that there is most certainly a demand for Black superheroes in today’s cinematic landscape.

DCEU movies we want to see: Static Shock

Gunn could take great strides in improving diversity at DC by getting this project off the ground with a talented team of Black writers and filmmakers. We hear Stranger Things star Caleb McLaughlin is interested in playing the character too, a casting choice which would give the movie a built-in audience thanks to fans of the Netflix series.

There has been talk of a Static Shock movie being in development, with Creed 3 star Michael B Jordan attached as producer. All that talk has gone very quiet of late, so hopefully Gunn can give it a new lease of life and get the ball rolling.

DCEU movies we want to see: Green Lantern Corps

Green Lantern Corps

We know Gunn is great at bringing together multiple characters and making entertaining team-up movies, and one group in particular has been crying out for some attention for a very long time. The Green Lantern Corps would provide Gunn the perfect opportunity to put his skills to good use.

As an intergalactic law enforcement organisation, the Green Lantern Corps would satisfy Gunn’s taste for exploring space and allow him to create a variety of exciting worlds and characters. Speaking of characters, there’s definitely scope for something of a comedy movie when it comes to the Green Lanterns of the universe, another element Gunn excels in.

DCEU movies we want to see: Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke


Now, time for some violence. Deathstroke is one of the more deadly Batman villains out there, but the beauty of this character is, you don’t necessarily need to put him in a Batman movie to find success. Just as we saw with Joker, elseworld stories in the DC universe can be hugely popular without relying on Gotham’s Caped Crusader.

Deathstroke’s skillset as an assassin would pave the way for a brilliant, gritty street-level action movie. All you’d need is someone like Gareth Evans on board to ensure the fight choreography is top-notch. Evans directed The Raid movies, and is currently overseeing Gangs of London season 2.

The character has already been established in Justice League, portrayed by Joe Manganiello, but with the DCEU currently very much up in the air you could easily reset and recast if necessary. Not that Manganiello did a bad job, but the option is there.

DCEU movies we want to see: Keanu Reeves in Constantine

Justice League Dark

Another project that has been mentioned more than a few times in the past, but has never come to fruition, is the coming together of the supernatural side of DC. The characters in the roster of this superhero team would open up so many realms of possibility for the DCEU and allow the universe to move away from the more formulaic approach.

We’ve had the Justice League, and Black Adam just introduced the Justice Society, so why not complete the set? While Justice League Dark sometimes features the likes of Batman and Wonder Woman, by and large this project would also scratch that itch Gunn seems to have for popularising lesser-known characters.

There’s also the Constantine 2 release date to think about, which could be the perfect chance to tie Keanu Reeves into the DCEU for real by locking him into a deal to lead Justice League Dark.

DCEU movies we want to see: Mister Miracle and Big Barda

Mister Miracle

It’s pretty much a miracle this character hasn’t already been tapped up for the live-action treatment, as he’s actually one of the best comic book characters around. Scott Free, AKA Mister Miracle, has been around since the ‘70s, but it’s not until recently that the hero has really taken off thanks to comic book writer Tom King.

Along with his wife Big Barda, Mister Miracle is also an incredibly funny character who caters perfectly to the more mature humour of the DCEU. Mister Miracle is an immortal god imbued with superhuman strength, the ability to teleport, and immense knowledge, particularly when it comes to the Anti-life Equation and the Mother Boxes.

If only Justice League 2 was happening, then we could see him put this expertise to good use. The New Gods project that Ava DuVernay was working on would have featured Mister Miracle, but that was sadly scrapped. Now that Gunn is in charge though, you’d imagine all cards are back on the table.

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