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Mark Hamill promoted the Star Wars prequels for Empire Strikes Back

Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill appeared in a special Blue Peter episode where he promoted the now-infamous Star Wars prequels in the '70s

Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: A New Hope

The prequels aren’t the most fondly-remembered Star Wars movies for a number of reasons. The scripts are, at times, cringey, the story confusing, and they introduce some Star Wars characters like Jar Jar Binks who, rest assured, we’d rather forget.

However, with quotable moments and Anakin Skywalker’s turbulent relationship with sand, the science fiction movies have become something of cult classics. Members of the Star Wars cast from the prequel movies, including Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor, and Hayden Christiansen even went on to reprise their roles in the recent Star Wars series Obi-Wan Kenobi, which focusses on the titular Jedi Master’s life in the years following Revenge of the Sith and preceding A New Hope.

Now that hype around the prequel series has been renewed, we’re looking back at some old footage and memories surrounding the movies — and at one point, Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill teased that the prequel series was in the works long before it was released.

Hamill made the revelation during an appearance on BBC TV series Blue Peter back in the ’70s, where he appeared alongside Darth Vader, R2D2, C3P0, and Princess Leia actor Carrie Fisher.

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When asked if they’d be starring in any more adventure movies after The Empire Strikes back, Hamill said, “The name of it is Revenge of the Jedi. The Jedi and […] I am [looking forward to it] because we finish off the trilogy, and then we goback 20 years, and  we do the story of young Darth Vader and the young Alec Guinness [Obi Wan-Kenobi] character and in the third film which precedes Star Wars.”

At the time, Hamill said that his character, Luke Skywalker, was meant to be six years old — and although that didn’t happen in the prequel series, we did ultimately see a young Luke in Obi-Wan Kenobi.