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Andor filming locations spotted by fans

The filming locations from the new Star Wars series, Andor, have been scouted out by fans of the series, and they still look incredible.

Kyle Soller as Syril Karn in Andor

Some of the real life filming locations for Andor epsiode 4 have been spotted by fans of the latest Star Wars series. Andor, which is available on streaming service Disney Plus, is currently on its fourth episode, after its first three dropped in one go when it debuted in mid-September.

After the middling-success of Obi-Wan Kenobi and The Book of Boba Fett, Andor has been met with almost universal praise. The sci-fi series has been celebrated for its central performances, its grounded approach to the Star Wars universe, and its exploration of mature and complex themes.

The espionage series is also, noticeably, a visual step-up from previous Star Wars series. Partly, this is because of excellent production design. However, it is also helped by a dedication to on-location shooting.

Now, fans of the new TV series have found some of those filming locations, and shared their whereabouts online. In a Twitter post, two filming spots in England from Andor episode 4 are revealed, giving audiences a chance to get a closer look at the the places in real-life, before they’ve been Star Wars-ified. Check the post out below:

The locations are the McLaren Technology Centre, and the Brunswick Centre. Both have been changed, digitally, to better suit the Star Wars universe. For example, Syril Karn’s housing block on Coruscant has had additional layers added below.

What might surprise fans, though, is how much of the locations are actually real. That commitment to using real-life where possible shines through in the series, and is a major positive as it lends the scenes additional weight and depth.

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Hopefully, Andor will continue to make use of real-life where possible. And, maybe in the future, other Star Wars series can be as bold too.

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