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Kevin Feige can’t wait to see what James Gunn does for the DCEU

James Gunn is the new king of the DCEU, but Marvel boss Kevin Feige isn't here for rivalry and can't wait to see what Gunn comes up with

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in The Suicide Squad

It’s been a strange journey in the superhero movie world for James Gunn over the years. After making his mark by bringing to life the Guardians of the Galaxy in two Marvel movies, Gunn now finds himself running the DC movie division, but his former boss Kevin Feige is holding no grudges.

Long story short, Gunn was fired by Marvel after some controversial tweets from his past resurfaced. He was then snapped up by Warner Bros to make The Suicide Squad and the Peacemaker spin-off TV series. He then went back to Marvel and has completed his MCU movie trilogy. Now, with the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 release date on the horizon, Gunn has bagged the top job at DC.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Feige insisted there is no hard feelings between him and Gunn, and said he can’t wait to see what Gunn’s masterplan looks like at DC.

“I speak to James almost every day. We have a wonderful thing called the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special coming out. We have a wonderful thing called Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 coming out in May,” Feige said. “How he’ll have any time to work on DC until May I don’t know, but once he does have the time I’ll be very excited. I’ll be first in line,” he added.

Gunn did phenomenal work in turning a bunch of random MCU characters into some of the most popular heroes in the whole franchise, so it’s certainly exciting to think about what he could achieve with the vast roster of heroes and villains yet to get their moment in the sun at DC.

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We already know Peacemaker season 2 is in the works from Gunn, but now he has the added responsibility of determining the whole future of the DCEU. Not an easy job by any means, but Gunn seems like a good fit.

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