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Deep Space Nine actor explains how he nailed Lower Decks cameo

The Deep Space Nine actor Armin Shimerman has explained how he was able to recapture Quark's voice so long after last playing the character

Armin Shimmerman as Quark in Deep Space Nine

The latest episode of the Star Trek series Star Trek: Lower Decks saw the crew of the USS Cerritos landing on Deep Space Nine for negotiations, and they encountered some familiar faces. The episode of the animated series, titled ‘Hear All, Trust Nothing’ is one that has been highly anticipated by fans ever since the trailer for the latest season dropped, revealing that the space station would feature in season 3.

The episode didn’t disappoint, and fans got the chance to see the iconic Deep Space Nine in all its glory. The story also featured Kira Nerys, who acted as Star Trek captain Sisko’s second in command, and everyone’s favourite Ferengi, Quark.

Armin Shimmerman, the original actor behind the prosthetics for the Ferengi businessman, reprised his role after not having played the character for decades. Now, Shimmerman has responded to a fan’s question about his return, revealing the one detail that helped him get back into the character.

The question has asked whether or not Shimmeran had needed to put fake teeth back in his mouth to get Quark’s voice right, as the actor had been required to use fake teeth when he played the character in the live action Star Trek TV series. In a Tweet, Shimmerman said “yes. I had to wear the teeth. The voice isn’t quark without them.”

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One of Quark’s most distinctive features, aside from the Fenergi ears, was his grating voice. Because of its uniqueness, fans would have able to detect any changes to Shimmerman’s Quark voice, so it’s a good job that the actor was able to understand that the fake teeth were integral to inhabiting the character.

Quark was always one of the best characters on Deep Space Nine, combining fun and mischief with genuine immorality. Likewise, Kira Nerys was another character who fans came to love, after her frosty first appearance in the sci-fi series, and audiences will have been delighted to hear Nana Visitor returning to Star Trek.

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