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Christian Bale is “f*cking ecstatic” when he’s not making movies

Christian Bale prefers to be relaxing, rather than starring in movies. This is despite the fact that the actor has 3 movies set for release this year.

Christian Bale in the Prestige

Everyone’s favourite Bruce Wayne, Christian Bale, has said that he’s “f*cking ecstatic” when not making movies. The actor, who may be best known for his roles in the bloody horror movie American Psycho and the Christopher Nolan superhero movies, is set to have a particularly busy year.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on movie production, the 2022 is one of the actor’s busiest ever years. 2022 will have three Christian Bale movies to its name. Those are the action movie Thor: Love and Thunder (in which the actor plays the villainous Gorr the God Butcher), the new comedy thriller movie Amsterdam, and the upcoming gothic drama movie The Pale Blue Eye.

Of course, that’s great news for Christian Bale fans who will undoubtedly go forward referring to 2022 as ‘the year of Christian Bale’. However, it’s not so good news for the actor himself, apparently.

Speaking in a rare interview with GQ, Bale was asked whether or not he was content when not making or starring in movies. Bale gave a rather candid answer in response, saying “More than content: fucking ecstatic. I’ve always been bent on “When’s this gonna end? This has to end.” I like doing things that have nothing to do with film.”

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He then elaborated on his comments, adding “And I find myself very happily not playing dress-up, not pretending to be somebody else for long lengths of time.”

So, that’s that then. Bale really is more than happy to sit back, and relax rather than spend his time working tirelessly on movies. This is in contrast to plenty of other actors who claim to never be happier than when working. His comments probably go some way to explaining why the actor currently has a empty schedule, and has no new movies lined up after The Pale Blue Eye releases on streaming service Netflix at the back end of the year.

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