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Rings of Power: where are the Númenóreans going now?

Rings of Power: in the most recent episode of Rings of Power, the Númenóreans got back onto their boats. But where are the Númenóreans going now?

Rings of Power: Where are the Numenoreans going now? Elendil in Rings of Power

Where are the Númenóreans going now? The latest episode of Rings of Power, the new fantasy series exploring the Second Age of Middle-earth, dealt with the aftermath of the cataclysmic volcanic eruption. After defeating Adar and the orcs in battle, the Númenóreans‘ celebration was interrupted when the volcano in the Southlands exploded into life.

This volcanic eruption led to the creation of Mount Doom, and Mordor, and also seemed to scupper the plans of Galadriel, Elendil, and the rest of the Númenóreans. So, after re-grouping, the Númenóreans have returned to their boats and are headed for new pastures. But they only just arrived in Middle-earth from Númenor, so where are the Númenóreans going now?

Where are the Númenóreans going now?

Led by their blinded Queen Míriel, the Númenóreans are now headed off to Pelargir. Speaking to Galadriel, the Queen said that the Númenóreans on Middle-earth would travel to Pelargir, which she described as an “old Númenórean colony” on the shores of Middle-earth, on the banks of the river Anduin.

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Exactly what the Númenóreans are planning on doing there, or why they’re headed there, is unclear. It looks probable that Pelargir is going to become the Númenórean base of operation on Middle-earth, though, as they continue to work with Galadriel to combat the rising threat of Sauron and his evil orc armies.

Pelargir goes on to play an important role in the history of Middle-earth, including in the Third Age in the War of the Ring. The colony becomes the most significant port in the Kingdom of Gondor and the home of its navy.

The port city is also the site of the attack by the Corsairs of Umbar, who seek to join Sauron‘s forces in the assault on Minas Tirith before they are dispatched by Aragorn and his army of angry ghosts. So, the name-drop is a sign of things to come, and we might get a close look at the development of Pelargir as the new TV series continues.

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