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How long is the movie Smile?

With it's scary trailer and viral marketing, you've probably heard about this new fright-tastic horror movie, but how long is the movie Smile?

Smile movie

How long is the movie Smile? Smile is the latest horror movie to be freaking out audiences across the world. The movie follows Sosie Bacon as the psychiatrist Dr. Rose Cotter as she learns about an unusual curse which causes the cursed to see people with uncontrollable smiles. That might not sound too scary in theory, but trust us: the horror thriller movie is packed full of tension, jumpscares, and horrifying imagery that’ll stick with you for a while after you’ve left the cinema.

Our own Smile review drew comparison to previous horror flicks like It Follows and The Ring, while praising it for containing moments of genuine fear-inducing fright. Smile is the latest original monster movie to do well at the box office, and partly this can be explained by some clever and memorable marketing. It came with an eye-catching viral marketing campaign, which saw actors standing in sports stadiums smiling directly into the camera.

So, the Smile movie is a must-see for horror aficionados, especially as October gets into full swing. But how long is the movie Smile?

How long is the movie Smile?

The runtime for the Smile movie is 115 minutes. This is just under two hours, coming in at one hour and 55 minutes.

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That’s a relatively mid-length runtime, and with a movie so packed full of frights, you’ll probably find that it flies by much quicker.

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