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Everyone who dies in Halloween Ends

Halloween Ends is a lot of fun, even if it's not the scariest of movies, here's a list of everyone who dies during the chaos of Halloween night

Everyone who dies in Halloween Ending explained

Warning massive spoilers for Halloween Ends ahead. We’re going to be going through everyone who dies in Halloween Ends. Halloween Ends isn’t a typical Halloween movie. It’s less about Michael Myers and his eternal quest to kill a babysitter he met decades ago. Instead, it’s about the effects of intergenerational trauma and how evil can contaminate everything it’s exposed to.

Shockingly then, for most of the movie, Michael Myers isn’t the killer behind the white Captain Kirk mask. Instead, Corey (Rohan Campbell) takes up Michael’s butcher’s knife and becomes the second Shape after suffering years of abuse for something he did as a younger man.

Just because Michael’s not the one under the mask, though, doesn’t mean the horror movie shies away from violence, and Halloween Ends more than lives up to its predecessor’s history of blood and gore (it is a slasher, after all). So here’s a list of everyone who dies in Halloween Ends.

Who dies in Halloween Ends?

  • Jeremy
  • Homeless guy
  • Allyson’s cop ex-boyfriend
  • Doctor Mathis
  • Nurse Deb
  • Corey’s Dad
  • The band bullies
  • Corey’s mum
  • Radio Receptionist
  • Willy the Kid
  • Corey
  • Michael Myers

Everyone who dies in Halloween Ending explained


Bratty Jeremy is the first person we see die in Halloween Ends, and it’s a spectacular death. He plummets to the ground and bursts like a water balloon full of juice after Corey kicks open a locked door, accidentally knocking the young boy over a bannister.

Homeless Guy

A random homeless guy is the first of Corey’s victims — except for Jeremy, but that was an accident. After escaping Michael’s charming sewer lair, Corey stabs the homeless guy in self-defence.

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Allyson’s Cop ex-Boyfriend

After getting a taste for blood, Corey leads his rather dull-witted love rival into Michael. Unfortunately, Michael’s not quite the killing machine he once was, and he needs a bit of help from Corey to take down the police officer.

Doctor Mathis

The first of Corey’s solo kills, Doctor Mathis is choked to death and stabbed in his own home. Presumably, Corey killed the doctor because his bedside manner sucked. hat or because he overlooked Allyson for a promotion.

Everyone who dies in Halloween Ending explained

Nurse Deb

Nurse Deb gets to recreate the iconic Halloween ’78 death of being pinned against the wall by a butcher’s knife.

Corey’s Dad

Corey’s dad is the only collateral kill in the thriller movie. The poor guy gets shot in the head by one of the band bullies. RIP, Corey’s dad. You were one the most likeable character in a film mostly full of arseholes.

Everyone who dies in Halloween Ending explained

The Band Bullies

The main targets of Corey’s rampage are the bullies who targeted him earlier in the film. Tragically they appear to be in the school band, and I’m not saying that people in band can’t be bullies, but if there were a tier list of bullies, the kids in band would be towards the bottom of the list.

All four are brutally executed, but we have to recognise the lead bully who has the worst death in the horror series. Corey takes a blow torch and puts it in the poor kid’s mouth before turning it on. We don’t see what happens, but you know it wasn’t pretty.

Corey’s Mum

After his dad’s death, Corey decides he might as well go the whole hog and make himself a full orphan, stabbing his controlling mother to death. Michael would be proud.

Everyone who dies in Halloween Ending explained

Radio Receptionist

Of all Corey’s victims, the radio receptionist was the most innocent. All she did was work for a jerk. We don’t see what Cory did to her, thankfully, although we can’t imagine it was very nice.

Willy the Kid

Willy the Kid, the bullying DJ who made the mistake of taunting Corey in front of Allyson, gets the worst death in the movie. Corey sneaks up behind Willy and smashes his head against the mixing desk until his jaw hangs off.

Corey then takes a pair of scissors and cuts out Willy’s tongue, so even if the DJ somehow survives having a head that looks like a squashed tomato, his days as a shock jock are over.

Everyone who dies in Halloween Ending explained


Corey’s brief reign as The Shape is ended when Laurie shoots him. While he survives being shot, he subsequently stabs his own neck to try an incriminate Laurie and later has his neck broken when Michael returns to reclaim his mask.

Michael Myers

Yes, the big guy himself finally meets his end and is the last person to die in the film. Don’t worry; Michael goes out the way he would have wanted, having his throat and wrists cut by Laurie before he’s thrown in an industrial shredder. I think he had that in his will?

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