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Charlize Theron knows MCU plans for her after Doctor Strange 2

Charlize Theron recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel, and he tried to wheedle out information from her regarding her Doctor Strange cameo

Charlize Theron in Doctor Strange 2

Charlize Theron has cropped up in many franchises – from Snow White and the Huntsman, to the Fast and Furious saga, to of course Mad Max: Fury Road. She recently made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, and of course he couldn’t resist asking her about her cameo in Doctor Strange 2, which possibly marked her entrance into the MCU.

Kimmel says; “When you see a big star suddenly playing a character you weren’t expecting to see, it makes you wonder – that can’t be it, right? It can’t be it, it would be waste of your time if it’s it!” Theron diplomatically responds; “I hope it’s not it. But we’ll see.” Kimmel won’t let it lie; “you do know or you don’t know if it’s it?” Theron says; “I think I know…but I’m sure they can change their minds…depending on what I say on this show.”

Kimmel says; “what can you tell us about the character, Clea?” Theron responds; “I play Clea…and let’s just say, I have some work to do. I don’t quite know who she is yet.”

If there is going to be a Doctor Strange 3, and we think there will be, Theron’s Clea will surely be a prominent feature. In the comic books, Clea is a disciple of Strange who eventually becomes his wife before succeeding him as the Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme. Clea is related to the Marvel villain, the Dread Dormammu, the demonic being Stephen defeated in his first film, so it’s possible the threat she warns Strange about is his return.

We’ll have to wait to find out exactly when, where, how and if Theron will be back as Clea, but it could well be before Doctor Strange 3 happens. In the meantime, check out our guide to Marvel’s Phase 5, which will bring you bang up-to-date.