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Brendan Fraser apologises for George of the Jungle stunt

Brendan Fraser is picking up awards for his new film The Whale, but he took the time to apologise for a stunt from the George of the Jungle movie

Brendan Fraser and Leslie Mann in George of the Jungle

The Brenassaince is in full swing, as Brendan Fraser continues to earn plaudits and awards for his role in the new drama movie The Whale. While he’s busy collecting various trophies along the film festival circuit, the popular actor took the time to apologise to the citizens of the Bay Area for a stunt he performed in the ‘90s movie George of the Jungle.

Fraser starred in some epic action movies in the 1990s and continued to be a bankable star in various 2000s movies too, before personal circumstances led to him taking some time away from Hollywood. He’s back though, and we couldn’t be happier.

Turns out, the actor has been harbouring some guilt for the chaos a George of the Jungle stunt caused, and after accepting an award recently, Fraser apologised for what happened on the set of the Disney movie.

Twitter user Daina Scarf shared a video recording of Fraser accepting the Tribute Award at the Mill Valley Film Festival, where the actor used his time to repent for the inconvenience George of the Jungle caused.

“One more quick thing, I want to make a quick apology. I made a film called George of the Jungle and one part of [that film], George is going to rescue a parachutist who has become entangled on the Golden Gate bridge. My trailer was next to the bridge, and I’m watching the parachute and mannequin dangling. I wasn’t the only one who stopped to watch,” Fraser said.

“All the traffic on both sides of the bridge was stopped to rubberneck for that, because they took it seriously. I know they took it seriously because I was watching Oprah at the time, and they had interrupted the show to report on the parachutist. So, that said, my bad, won’t happen again,” he added.

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