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Original Michael Myers actor reveals sad truth behind classic picture

It turns out that slashers are picky when it comes to their soft drinks, and Nick Castle has revealed the truth behind Michael Myers' drink of choice

Michael Myers in Halloween

John Carpenter’s classic horror movie, Halloween, gave us one of the best slasher villains in cinematic history – Michael Myers. But it turns out that the actor behind the mask of the famous murderer Nick Castle is on the outs with another pop cultural staple: Dr Pepper.

Taking to Twitter, the actor shared an iconic behind-the-scenes photo taken on the set of the 1978 Halloween movie. In the black and white snapshot, the Michael Myers mask is resting on Castle’s head. In a tongue-in-cheek moment, Castle is holding a can of Dr Pepper at the mask’s mouth instead of his own.

While this could have been seen as some free publicity for the soft drink brand, it was actually likely due to the fact that Castle didn’t want to drink the fizzy treat himself and was making a joke. That’s right, Michael Myers isn’t a Dr Pepper fan (heartbreaking we know).

“44 years ago, I pretended to drink Dr Pepper. I always hated Dr Pepper,” he wrote. “Diet Coke is much better. And healthier. And cheaper. And contains all your daily vitamin and caffeine needs.”

You can see the original image and tweet below:

While it is a sad realisation that the intent behind the famous set photo wasn’t driven by love for Dr Pepper, there is a bright side to this story. At least Dr Pepper can confidently say that a well-known fictional slasher isn’t powered by its products anymore.

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