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How to watch Halloween Ends: can I stream the new Michael Myers movie?

After ruining Laurie Strode's life, Michael Myers will apparently finally meet his match in Halloween Ends, but how can you watch it?

Michael Myers from the Halloween movies

How can I watch Halloween Ends? After ruining Laurie Strode’s life and killing her daughter, Michael Myers will apparently finally meet his match in Halloween Ends. The final chapter in David Gordon Green’s rebooted Halloween movie trilogy.

Set four years after the events of Halloween Kills, the horror movie will see The Shape return once again on the spookiest night of the year to massacre the residents  — and babysitters  — of Haddonfield. Laurie and her granddaughter, however, have been waiting for Michael to return, and they plan on ending his Halloween rampages once and for all.

Will the Strodes succeed? Well, you’ll need to watch the film to find out, but how can you watch Halloween Ends? Don’t worry. We’ve got the answers you seek and whether you can stream the new horror movie.

How to watch Halloween Ends

Halloween Ends creeps into cinemas on October 14, both in the US and UK. If you want to watch evil die from the comfort of your own home, though, things get a little more complicated.

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Can I stream the new Michael Myers movie?

Yes, you can stream Halloween Ends as long as you live in America. The horror movie is coming to the streaming service Peacock on October 14. Unfortunately, if you were hoping to stream it in the UK, you’re out of luck.

While Peacock’s included with the NOW entertainment package Universal, the studio behind the Halloween movies, aren’t doing simultaneous cinema and streaming release in the UK.

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