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Cobra Kai season 6 is looking “pretty good”, says Ralph Macchio

Cobra Kai season 6 hasn't been confirmed, but Ralph Macchio says it's look good for the Netflix series, and champions the writers involved

Ralph Macchio in Cobra Kai season 5

Will we get Cobra Kai season 6? That’s the question everyone’s asking after the last season of the hit Netflix series. Right now, the fate of the show is still in the air, but star Ralph Macchio believes more episodes are likely.

“It hasn’t officially been picked up. I need to say that because that is the truth. [But] we’re feeling pretty good that we’ll get to continue the show and let it evolve and land when it needs to,” Macchio told Us Weekly. “These guys, Jon [Hurwitz], Josh [Heald] and Hayden [Schlossberg], who write this show, are just so great at [having] their finger on the pulse of what the fans want. They are the fans themselves.”

In season 5 of the drama series, emphasis was on The Karate Kid 3, a less beloved installment in the family movies. Sean Kanan returned to the franchise to play Mike Barnes, one of the antagonists in The Karate Kid 3, joining Thomas Ian Griffith’s Terry Silver to make for yet another challenge for Daniel LaRusso, Johnny Lawrence, and their students.

Commenting on plans to end Cobra Kai, Macchio simply stated the writers know what they’re doing. “There’s more meat on the bones there,” Macchio says. “But it’s gotta be entertaining and organic and I think there’s plenty of places to go every season. Whether you bring in Tamlyn Tomita as Kumiko [in season 5 or] Elizabeth Shue in season 3. You [also] have Thomas Ian Griffith – what a great job he’s doing.”

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The comedy series has made a habit of surviving whatever life throws at it. Starting as a YouTube Red exclusive (remember those?), it eventually transitioned to Netflix, where it’s enjoyed huge fanfare. According to Netflix Top 10, where the platform posts the top ten shows and Netflix movies by watch time weekly, Cobra Kai season 5 was top for two weeks after it premiered, and has since only dropped to third.

Not to count any chickens before they hatch, but that sounds promising. We’ll keep you informed – have a look at the best sci-fi series for more episode adventures.