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The Last of Us star “couldn’t believe” HBO series while filming

Troy Baker, who plays Joel in The Last of Us game series, has been speaking about being on set of the upcoming HBO TV series and having to pinch himself

The Last of Us

The actor who played Joel in the The Last of Us games – Troy Baker – has spoken about the upcoming epic HBO TV horror series adaptation. Fans have been excited with recent rumours and teases that Baker will have a role (probably a cameo) in the show, in which Pedro Pascal plays Joel.

Baker confirmed to ComicBookMovie.com that he’s definitely been on the huge set in Canada. “I had a wonderful conversation with Pedro that I will save until after the series airs, so there are no spoilers about it. But, I can definitely say that my first day on set, I was able to look around this beautiful location…and I had to pinch myself,” Barker reveals. “I couldn’t believe we were there.”

“If you’d gone back ten years ago and said, ‘This audition you’re walking into for this game…you have no idea how successful and embraced it will be by people. Oh, and you’re going to be in Canada shooting one of the most expensive HBO series that’s ever been done before!’ I’d never have believed you.”

“The story we’re telling there, just like the one we’re telling with Super Sons, is something fans and people who have never had an entry point into these characters before are going to appreciate,” he teased. “I’m honoured to be part of it.”

Exciting has been hotting up for The Last of Us TV series for the last year, and filming is still not completed on the epic production. The budget is huge, the sets are vast, and there’s a massive cast of characters. HBO will be hoping for a monster-sized hit to make their investment worth it. It’s expected to arrive in the first half of 2023.

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