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Severance season 2 has started filming confirms Britt Lower

Britt Lower has made an Instragram post confirming that Severance season 2 is now in production, confirming the hit sci-fi series is coming back soon

Britt Lower in Severance

Apple TV’s best sci-fi series is finally, fully on the move again. Severance season 2 has officially started production, going by a photo from one of the stars, Britt Lower.

The image appeared on Lower’s Instagram stories, captured by ScreenRant, and it’s a selfie of her getting hair and makeup done for a day of shooting. You can tell from the outfit and hairstyle that she’s about to play Helly, her Severance character. “We begin again,” her caption reads, with hashtag-Severance. This is an exciting development as we’ve not heard much from the hit drama series since the finale of the first season.

We got a brief Severance season 2 teaser during an Apple event a little while back, also featuring Lower, but according to Production List, filming on new episodes didn’t officially kick off until October 3, 2022. The end date is scheduled for May 12, 2023, meaning it could be a while before we get to see the next chapter in the horror series.

While we don’t know much about what’s coming for Severance, we expect that Ben Stiller and Aoife McArdle will return to direct. Dan Erickson, the show’s creator, is still showrunner.

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Since premiering in February this year, the TV series has become a genre sensation. Focused on a group of employees for a gigantic tech company, the conceit is that none o them have any memories of their lives outside the corporation while they’re working. They’re ‘innies’, who do whatever’s needed of them while their ‘outies’ enjoy regular lives.

It’s a pretty dark reflection of corporate life that gets quite surreal towards the end of the first season. Adam Scott, Zach Cherry, John Turturro, Christopher Walken, and Patricia Arquette are among the rest of the cast.

You can catch up on Severance through Apple TV Plus, and you can sign up using our link here. For more weird and wild storytelling, check out our list of the best fantasy series.