House of the Dragon season 2 will “open up the world in a big way”

We might have only seen the end of House of the Dragon season 1, but we've already gotten exciting teasers about how season 2 of the series will play out

rhaenyra in house of the dragon

House of the Dragon episode 10 sets the scene for a thrilling second season, as the rivalry between Team Green and Team Black escalated to full-on war after Rhaenyra Targaryen learned of some tragic deaths close to home.

While season 1 set the scene for the Dance of the Dragons, with various time-jumps and House of the Dragon cast changes exploring how they got to this point, House of the Dragon season 2 will bring viewers into the thick of the action as the two Targaryen factions vie for the Iron Throne.

“Season 1 was setting the table for a very bloody feast to come,” the TV series‘ co-creator, Ryan Condal, told EW. “The reason that I wanted to really spend our time doing this is because I wanted everybody to understand who all of these characters were and the long history they had behind them — behind their fathers and their grandfathers — that led us to this point where they end up fighting a civil war against each other.”

He continued, “I’m really interested in picking up with all of those characters that we spent all of this time introducing, particularly Rhaenyra and Alicent’s families, and seeing what happens now that we’ve flipped the chessboard over and spilled the pieces on the ground. How do all those react? That’s the story that we tell in season 2 and beyond.”

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Condal added that while the core characters are “not all in the same place,” season 2 of the fantasy series is “still very much a story of Alicent and Rhaenyra and their families pitted against each other.”

“We’re not gonna suddenly pull away from telling their stories,” he said. “It’s just the nature of this thing, in season 2, it really opens up the world in a big way and the sprawl grows quite a bit.” All episodes of House of the Dragon season 1 are now available to watch on various streaming services: HBO Max in the US, and NOW TV in the UK.