McDonald’s might have leaked new Super Mario design

Everyone is keen to find out what the new Super Mario Bros movie will look - and more importantly, sound - like. A first image may have been leaked.

Super Mario Bros

The world is eagerly waiting for Nintendo to drop the first trailer for the Super Mario Bros movie tomorrow. Fans are keen to hear Chris Pratt‘s Italian-o accent, and want to know what kind of design the filmmakers and animators have gone with for Mario and the rest of the residents of Mushroom Kingdom.

As with Marvel, DC and other blockbuster movies, often the earliest leaks of costumes and character designs come from toys and other merchandise that has been licensed way in advance. One popular family movie tie-in is of course, McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. And it looks as though the first look at the movie version of Mario may have been leaked by a McDonald’s employee.

If the leaked photo is accurate, then Mario fans need not fear, as he hasn’t had a radical re-design for the movie. A streamer called Connor Eats Pants asked; “Did a McDonalds employee in the ConnorEatsPants Discord just leak the first photo of Mario in the Mario Movie?” A user called Bob (Friend of God) – so he can be trusted – posted the packaging with a standard-looking Mario on it.

Mario’s over-alls look authentically denim-textured, and his white gloves are shiny and plastic-looking. He has his standard red cap with the M on it, his bulbous round nose and most importantly, the moustache is intact. Unfortunately, the still image gives no indication of what kind of accent Chris Pratt is going to treat us to.

Pratt will be joined by Anya-Taylor Johnson as Princess Peach, Jack Black as Bowser, and none other than Charlie Day will be Mario’s long brother Luigi. Seth Rogen will feature as Donkey Kong, suggesting we’re getting a whole range of Mario-related characters.

While we wait for the trailer, and for the movie’s release in April 2023, check out our guide to the best animated movies.