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Percy Jackson writer teases “new scenes” in Disney Plus show

Rick Riordan, author of the original Percy Jackson book series, has shared some exciting updates about the upcoming Disney Plus show

The Percy Jackson TV series is currently in production, and Rick Riordan, the author of the original novel series, has shared some exciting news about how things are progressing on his website.

“Annabeth (Leah [Jeffries]), Percy (Walker [Scobell]) and Grover (Aryan [Simhadri]) continue to amaze me with their great work,” he wrote. “Filming this season has been its own kind of quest, and our team of actors has come together like true heroes to deliver some fantastic scenes. Wait until you see the Lotus… you will know this part of the adventure well if you’ve read the books, but you will also find lots of fun details, new scenes and Easter eggs that make the experience even better.”

He added, “The Vancouver weather has taken a turn for the cold and rainy, as one might expect in late October, but this is not dampening the spirits of the cast and crew. The Percy project remains a happy and exciting place to work. It’s a pleasure to come to set each day!”

Updating fans on where things currently stand on the fantasy series, Riordan explained that filming on Percy Jackson and the Olympians is likely to continue until January 2023.

“While all this is going on, the production team is also looking both ahead and behind,” he added. “There are planning meetings each day to discuss what will happen in future episodes: the scenery, the props, the stunts, the visual effects, everything that will need to be in place before we actually film.”

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“We are now planning the end of the season — the episodes that will bring home the action described in The Lightning Thief. The scripts are all finished, but of course they will be changed many times until the scenes are actually filmed. Rest assured I read every draft of every script and give input whenever needed.”

Jonathan E. Steinberg and Dan Shotz are co-showrunners of the TV series, while Riordan continues to be intimately involved as a producer. If classic mythology is your thing, check out our guide to the Thor cast, or have a browse of our selection of the best fantasy movies.