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Everyone who dies in Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson has promised that his new superhero movie will be bloodier than other DC films, here's a list of everyone who dies in Black Adam

Everyone who dies in Black Adam?

Everyone who dies in Black Adam. Dwayne Johnson has made no secret of the fact that Black Adam is different from other heroes in the DCEU. You see, unlike Batman, Superman, or Aquaman, Black Adam isn’t afraid to kill his enemies.

We already know that the DC movie was originally so brutal that Johnson and his team had to cut down the violence to avoid an R-rating. So does the superhero movie live up to Johnson’s promise? Is it a total bloodbath? Well, you can make your mind up on that front by reading our list of everyone who dies in Black Adam.

Everyone who dies in Black Adam? Hurrut


Hurut, the son of Teth-Adam before he got the powers of Wizard, is chronologically the first character to die in Black Adam, although we don’t learn of his death until the third act.

Hurut was the one given the power of Shazam and the champion of  Kahndaq. He’s shot with a bow and arrow and dies after transferring his powers to Black Adam.

Everyone who dies in Black Adam?

King Anh-Kot

The tyrannical king of Kahndaq is killed by Black Adam, who’s seeking revenge for the death of Hurut. Don’t worry. Anh-Kot wasn’t a nice guy, so we don’t have to worry about the legal implications of regicide.

Lots of random mooks

It turns out that Johnson wasn’t lying when he said that Black Adam was unafraid of killing his enemies. As you might expect, plenty of Intergang goons, royal guards, and anyone else who gets in the anti-hero’s way ends up coming down with an unfortunate case of being dead. Our favourite murder is when Adam flays a man until he’s nothing but a skeleton using lightning.

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Ishmael… sort of

Ishmael, the leader of Intergang and the last known descendant of King Anh-Kot, is killed when Black Adam briefly loses control of his powers and blows up the villain’s hideout.

It turns out, though, that dying was always part of Ishmael’s plan to use the crown of Sabbac, and he’s resurrected as the demon Sabbac soon afterwards.

Everyone who dies in Black Adam? Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate

In an attempt to change Hawkman’s prophesied death, Doctor Fate traps the Justice Society in the ruins of Anh-Kot’s palace and attempts to battle Sabbac alone.

While the Lord of Order puts up a brave fight against the demon, he’s no match for him alone and dies in the fight during the Black Adam ending.

Everyone who dies in Black Adam? Sabbac


The power of friendship defeats Sabbac. OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s also kind of true. Basically, after Fate is killed, the spell holding the Justice Society prisoner is broken, allowing them to help Adam in his final battle with the villain.

Fate even manages to lend a hand, despite being dead, when Hawkman puts on the helmet allowing him to tap into the fallen magician’s powers.

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