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Everyone’s favourite child actor can now drive

Jacob Tremblay, who starred alongside Brie Larson in the drama movie Room at the age of seven, is now 16 and is officially able to drive.

Jacob Tremblay as Jack in Room

Sometimes, you see an actor aging or hitting some life milestone, and it reminds you of the passage of time. It can be a strange feeling – both nostalgic and a little bit scary. If you’re a fan of Jacob Tremblay, star of the thrilling drama movie Room, you might want to buckle up: because he’s now driving.

Despite his young age, Jacob Tremblay has starred in plenty of great roles, in plenty of great movies. Among these are the drama movie Wonder, horror movie Doctor Sleep, animated movie Luca, and the comedy movie Good Boys. He is also known for his voice work, and has voiced Robin in the DC TV series Harley Quinn.

Of course, he is best known for his role in the critically acclaimed drama thriller movie Room. He starred alongside Brie Larson as Jack Newsome at the age of 7, and was nominated for best supporting actor by many awards organisations. When he won the Critic’s Choice award for Best Young Performer, he gave a memorable speech, and referred to his love of Star Wars movies.

Now, the young actor is old enough to drive. Tremblay posted a photo to his Instagram page (via Film Updates) showing him holding his learner plate and certificate. Check it out below:

Tremblay is now 16, and many fans were shocked that the actor, who was only 7 when he appeared in Room, seems to have grown up so fast. It’s also a surprise to see the actor looking so tall, and so much older, after being used to seeing him as a younger child.

So, if you’re ever driving around North America and see a learner driver headed towards you, it could be your favourite child actor, now all grown up. For another dose of nostalgia, check out our guide to the best ’80s movies.