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The Office actor says he never wants to play his character again

You'd think being in The Office would be a role anyone would love to revisit, but this actor says he wouldn't like to play his comedy series character again

Zach Woods as Gabe Lewis in The Office

Widely regarded as one of the best comedy series of all time, you’d imagine anyone who was a part of The Office would look back on that time fondly. For one actor though, the thought of reprising his role from the TV series doesn’t interest him at all.

Zach Woods, who played Gabe Lewis in the US sitcom from season 6 onwards, has no ambitions of bringing the character back for more office-based shenanigans. Indeed, he insists he wouldn’t want anyone to have to take on the role.

Speaking to ComicBook.com, Woods spoke fondly of his time on the show, but revealed the experience of playing Gabe is not something he would wish on anyone.

“I loved playing Gabe, but that was my first TV job. That poor man, I would be happy to never spend another instant in his skin. Even though I have great affection for him,” Woods said.

“It was a fun part to play because it’s a funny show, but to be Gabe is not something I would wish on anybody, especially on Gabe,” he added.

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Woods has followed in the footsteps of The Office co-star Steve Carell by appearing in a number of comedy movies since his days at Dunder Mifflin. You would imagine the doors to the paper company are well and truly closed for good too, after a fitting finale in 2013.

Who knows, maybe Woods will join John Krasinski and become a part of the MCU one day. Gabe Lewis as the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four MCU movie, you heard it here first.