Star Trek fans can now turn into a character from Lower Decks

Plenty of Star Trek fans have fantasised about joining Starfleet, and now you can turn yourself into a character from Lower Decks.

Jack Quaid as Ensign Boimler on Star Trek Lower Decks

Star Trek: Lower Decks fans: rejoice! You can now turn yourself into a character from the Star Trek series. Lower Decks, Star Trek’s only outright comedy series, is currently on its third season. The show follows a group of low-ranking Starfleet officers aboard the unimportant USS Cerritos led by Captain Freeman (one of the most underrated Star Trek captains).

The series was created by Mike McMahan, who is known for his time working on other animated comedies like Rick and Morty and Solar Opposites. The most recent episode of the animated series took the cast to Deep Space Nine, where they met some familiar faces.

Now, the many fans of the series can turn themselves into a Lower Decker. A new tool on the Star Trek website allows you to create a character in the style of the Lower Decks animation. You can have your sleeves rolled up, like Mariner, or take yourself much more seriously, like Boimler. You can also adjust the colour of your uniform depending on your desired department, and your background.

Anyone who’s ever imagined themselves in Starfleet – and who hasn’t – will be able to have a lot of fun playing around with the tool. While you might not be able to make a character who looks exactly like you, you’re probably going to be able to get pretty close.

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As it’s progressed, Star Trek: Lower Decks has improved as it’s had the chance to mature, and has become an increasingly consistent sci-fi series. It is also one of the most beloved entries in the current Star Trek era, now that audiences have adjusted to its more light-hearted touch.

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