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She-Hulk: Daredevil explained

The latest episode of She-Hulk introduced Daredevil back to an MCU TV series. The character's appearance has been long-anticipated, and it paid off.

Daredevil Explained: Matt Murdock in Daredevil series

She-Hulk episode 8 finally gave fans what they’ve been asking for since the very beginning. That’s right, after his long-teased appearance, Daredevil is back.

After his time on his Netflix series, Matt Murdock’s story had been left unexplored by the MCU for years. Then, out of nowhere, the character showed up for a cameo role in the Spider-Man movie No Way Home as Peter Parker’s lawyer.

Following this, and the general love of Murdock and his Netflix series, the MCU announced that the character would be returning to TV screens with his new TV series Daredevil: Born again, where he would continue his adventures. Before all that, though, Daredevil has finally shown up in She-Hulk.

Daredevil in She-Hulk

She-Hulk, the latest in a long line of Marvel series, has had its ups and downs. However, the latest episode and its introduction of Matt Murdock is undoubtedly one of its highlights.

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Episode 8 of She-Hulk finally saw the two lawyers meet up. Jen met her fellow lawyer in, let’s say, not the best of circumstances. The lawyerly pair met while representing opposing clients. Murdock was working for the superhero costume designer Luke Jacobson, while Jen represented Leap-Frog, who was suing Jacobson for providing him with a faulty superhero suit.

Murdock won the case, and he and Jen got friendly after a few drinks. Then, things get bumpy when the two swap their suit for their super-suits, getting into a fight where Jen is attempting to defend Leap-Frog, who Murdock is pursuing as Daredevil. It was all a misunderstanding, though, and Jen and Murdock worked together to save Jacobson from Leap-Frog. Then, things get steamy, and the last we see of Murdock in the episode is him walking home from their night of passion.

Daredevil explained: Jen Walters in She-Hulk

Daredevil in the Marvel Netflix series

Daredevil has a huge fanbase, thanks in large part due to his time leading his own Marvel Netflix series. The Daredevil Netflix series is widely recognised as one of the best Marvel series to date, alongside other entries like Loki, Jessica Jones, and WandaVision.

The series was just about as dark and gritty as Marvel has ever got. It was steeped in the criminal underworld and explored Murdock’s ongoing battle with crime lord Wilson Fisk as he tried to maintain his life as a lawyer.

Within all this, there was also plenty of space left for romance. Murdock fell in love with the assassin Elektra, who would go on to be killed (though later resurrected) during a confrontation with Nobu Yoshioka.

The show ended with the creation of Murdock’s own law firm, after he managed to end the danger posed by Kingpin (albeit temporarily, as the villain has shown up again since). He has popped in and out of the MCU a few times since then, but never in a primary role.

Daredevil explained: Matt Murdock in Daredevil series

Daredevils’s powers

What are Daredevil’s powers? Showcased so many times in his own series and then once again in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Matt Murdock’s main ability is his extremely heightened senses and reaction speed. He can detect subtle changes around him that would be imperceptible to other humans. Unsurprisingly, this makes Daredevil an extremely capable and tricky fighter.

These superhuman abilities came about after Murdock was blinded as a child. However, thanks to his skills, this is no hindrance to his lethal combat skills or his capability to defend himself from the latest MCU street fighters.

He couples his abilities with immense skill with his extendable staff, known as his Billy Club. By day, this extendable weapon acts as his walking stick (not that he really needs it, thanks to his other senses), but it can just as quickly be turned into a grappling hook, a single long staff, or two shorter weapons. Pretty handy if you ask us.

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